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We cut out all the junk for you.

Our process is simple and easy so you can worry about your next exam, the party this weekend or the laundry that you need to get done.

  1. You have an idea and fill out the quote.
  2. You are contacted by a Campus Manager(CM) located on your campus.
  3. We whip up your killer design.
  4. You absolutely love it and approve it.
  5. It ships to you in 7-9 business days. (Rush options are available. Select products can take longer)

Their pricing sucks, ours is awesome.

We are just going to put it out there – quotes you get from other places probably don’t have all of the costs included. They are going to hit you up later with “other” costs. That’s where we’re different and more awesome. The price that we quote you is it… no hidden fees or stuff we didn’t tell you about.

We got this thing called Bird Bank, and it’s pretty cool.

The Bird Bank™ is an innovative online tool that simplifies the entire order process for you and your group. Using the Bird Bank™, each group member can provide his/her own individual order information (such as size and quantity), submit individual payment, and view a proof of your custom apparel.

Easy to manage

Log-in with a unique username and password at anytime to manage your order. Review who has signed up and check out quantities and sizes.

Collect payments

Collect payment online from each member as orders are placed or pay collectively as an organization.


Never get stiffed by people who say they want a t-shirt and then don’t pay.